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Ming's Ass Worship, Guide for Dummies

Ass worship is the erotic art of seduction and worship. It's a submissive act used to turn on a Mistress and to show your devotion to Her power, elegance, and beauty.

She can use ass worship to gauge lots of other aspects of a submissive. Is he sexually confident? How would he be in bed? Is he a good kisser? Is he good at any other type of worship?

Not saying that I'd ever sleep with any of My submissives...pussy holds all the power. I'm just saying, that's the best way to gauge what he's good at, and it tells Her a lot about their sexuality, so do your best.

Give it your all. ASS WORSHIP doesn't involve oral. It's not pussy worship, or asshole worship...which don't ever ask Me if you can do. If I wanted that...I'd be sure to let you know.

It has come to My attention that there are too many male submissives that don't know how to worship an ass.

Too many times, I have told a submissive to worship My ass, and the fool goes straight for the Crack of My panties, and he loses submissive points.

It's not about you, My panties are still on, you're not going to get through the fabric. Go for the parts that are exposed...My ass... My actual ass.

If I want you to smell what you can't have, I'll tell you, or I'll just smother you! If I want you to lick My ass from top to bottom, I'll tell you I want that.

Another famous thing submissives do that I've noticed... they get slobber on My ass cheeks and just slime them... or plant tiny kisses all over it until you tell them to stop or correct them.

(Aw how cute...but don't do that the whole time...ten minutes of tiny kisses gets old fast!)

The bottom curve of a woman's ass is the best spot to worship. It's covered in sweet spots that turn Her on! It feels nice...that's the point of worship.

It's like nibbling on a woman's neck or ears...erotic foreplay, but not oral sex involved at all.

Use your teeth...don't bite Her ass. The best comparison I could use is an apple, a nice juicy apple. Imagine peeling the skin off of an apple, and sucking the juice out of it.

Graze the skin on the bottom curves of Her ass with your teeth, while sucking/ making out with it. Suck just lightly enough not to leave marks,

and never pinch the skin of Her ass tightly between your teeth, just scrape them along Her ass. Use your mouth to massage Her ass


With permission, try using your hands to massage Her ass too. you'll almost definitely win Her over, and She'll probably let you do it more often if She really likes it.

I have taught many slaves how to worship an ass properly, because I can't stand when a submissive does it terribly.

Anyone who is the slightest bit in touch with their sexuality can learn to worship an ass well, and if you're seeing a Dominatrix, you should definitely be at least somewhat in touch.

This is how I like My ass worshiped, and I have discussed this technique with a few other Mistresses, who seem to agree that this is a great way to worship an ass.

However, every Mistress is different. Ask your Mistress how she likes Her ass worshiped. Ask if what you're doing feels good, and how you can do better to please your Mistress.

Remember, it's not about you, and you'll get further by trying to please and doing what you're told as opposed to begging to eat Her pussy or something of that nature.

Also, be grateful for what you get. you're lucky to be able to worship Her ass at all.


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