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Atlanta Dominatrix 

 Who IS Empress Ming?

 I am Empress Ming, a Sensual yet Sadistic woman with many deviant desires.

I am the WORSHIP WORTHY ALPHA you have been searching for, the Divine Feminine power you desire to fall under for guidance and surrender. 


I live in constant pursuit of perfection, self Mastery, and refining My greatest self, the epitome of the word Matriarch.


My fetish is your total surrender, submission, and sacrifice. Watching you writhe at My mercy, whether from pleasure or pain, both mentally and physically, drives Me to push your limits.

I stand 6'5 in any pair of heels, built like a super heroine bombshell from your most depraved teenage fantasy

I am the unattainable Goddess who excels in every aspect of life. You will find Me to be artistic, intelligent, creative, outspoken, well read, well traveled, articulate, funny, and friendly (though I love to play the cruel bitch Mistress.)After-all, I am much deeper than meets the eye. I am also a compassionate, non-judgmental Mistress who is understanding of your deviant desires. 



      I have studied the art of Domination for years and it is My greatest passion. I love being able to break a person down, take them apart, then put them back together... My way. Being able to bend men to My will and bring the powerful to their knees is a talent that comes naturally for Me. I am always at My best when I am using My creative energy to the fullest so that I can create a enjoyable and intense scene for us both... Which allows Me to be, a very playful and sensual yet stern and demanding Dominant.


       I speak with a soft yet firm voice as I have My ways of maintaining your attention...I will lure you in with My enticing body and before you know it you will find yourself on your knees before Me, submitting to My every whim, and find yourself having the innermost desire to serve Me. As if My body is not enough... To gain My control through your submission, I have other ways of making you comply, as My inner sadist is always hungry. I love the sound of a cane striking, and watching a man suffer for My pleasure, (almost as much as I love My sissy sluts!) I am skilled and proficient in a wide variety of BDSM activities and also enjoy all sorts of fetishes.



       I cater to all levels of experience and types of play. However, It is of utmost importance to Me that we have a safe and enjoyable session and that your limits are pushed but respected. It is not just your groveling at My feet that I enjoy, but the concept and art of power exchange (you surrendering yourself to Me.) I believe that BDSM is 85% mental, 15% physical, so the better I can know you and get inside of your head, the better subspace and playtime I can provide!


      Put yourself in My capable hands and let Me be your guide! Whether you are a nervous novice, or a seasoned player with many years of experience, I look forward to sharing and memorable experience with you. 



Sexy. Strict. Sensual. Strong. Sadistic...
I AM your ideal Dominatrix. 

If you are a wanker, you must pay the troll toll for jerking that pathetic thing between your legs while looking at My photos and videos. Click here to pay your owed wanker tax. $25 Per Wank~!!!

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