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Brainwashing Session Review. 10/21

Dear Empress Ming,

Thank You for the wonderful session Friday. I had an incredible time. You are even more enchanting in person than I imagined, and your expertise and professionalism were apparent throughout the session.

The session had many highlights. Chief among them was Your incredible mastery of the mind. You expertly guided me into trance after trance, turning me into Your helpless puppet, forced to orgasm at Your whim, literally hundreds of times. That left me totally breathless, worn out, and in awe of Your skill. It was truly the best brainwashing session I’ve ever had by far.

I also greatly enjoyed all the foot and ass worship. Your feet smelled even better than they looked. I felt incredibly lucky to be able to rub them, lick them, and suck on them. Your ass is impossibly pillowy and soft and being smothered by it was heavenly.

My nipples were so sensitive; You were definitely pushing my limits with the amount of attention You were giving them. The sensations were so strong that part of me wanted You to stop, but another part of me loved how You were feeding off my reactions and that made it worth it to push through and endure.

Finally, thank You for using me as Your toilet. Your golden was quite strong, but drinking it was a privilege that left me wanting more.

I'm glad You had fun too, and I hope I have the chance to session with You again next time You’re in town.



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