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A Slave's Recent Experience

This is a slave who wants to be under consideration to eventually become a collared domestic slave of Mine. He was horribly late, which I don't usually tolerate, but he didn't have a vehicle and had just moved to Atlanta the day prior. For once I didn't have a jam packed schedule, so lucky him. He made up for it with champagne and strawberries, and some excellent housekeeping service.

Upon his arrival I ordered him to strip and pour My glass of champagne. I proceeded to put a collar on his neck and have him clean and dust My dungeon, which he did with great efficiency and thoroughness.

I then punished him with a dirty swirly for his lack of punctuality, but then allowed him to drink My golden nectar as a reward after doing such a good job cleaning. I don't think My toilet bowl has ever been so pristine. He scrubbed the tub, and other surfaces around My home as well, occasionally motivated by a good kick in the ass. Apparently he'd previously worked in housekeeping back in his home country of Indonesia, and it definitely showed.

After all of the cleaning was done to My satisfaction, he served Me My strawberries on a platter, and I served him some wet dog food on the floor and demanded he bark and finish it like a good dog as I used him as a foot rest. We enjoyed our meals. Following that I allowed him some boot worship, and a little more of My golden nectar as a reward. I then kicked him to the ground onto his back and stood over him allowing him the nicest view beneath Me and told him to stroke his little 3incher while reminding him why he is My dog and why he needs to continue living a pussy-free life. He had a tiny erection the entire time he cleaned and served, and I found it so amusing, especially the size. I've met women with bigger clits than that. I allowed him to release all over himself and made him taste his own cum. Eventually I'll train him to clean up all of his mess.

Here's his account of the experience:

He is just learning to write English, and he really wanted to share this.

One very beautiful day, I, a slave, went and searched for a Mistress in the city of Atlanta. I finally found the best one for my lifestyle in the world of BDSM. 
She is a very beautiful woman, very sexy, soft spoken, but makes me tremble when hear Her orders. When I first met Empress Ming. She wore shiny black knee high boots and a flowing kimono robe over her corset and panties that made her look like a dark ruler of the night, so beautiful and graceful, it made me prostrate at her feet. Her large breasts were so beautifully displayed, it made me even more submissive and adoring of Her.

I had made a mistake because our promised time would change due to distance and traffic jams, but She wasn't angry. I carried out Her orders to buy Her favorite wine, strawberries, and dog food for myself.

She is really the type I've been looking for all along, very elegant, tall, and statuesque. When she started, I worked to clean the toilet, there I immediately got a gift directly from the most beautiful place. I enjoyed heaven. I really appreciated what She did for me and I didn't waste it. I immediately drank the nectar. It was so fresh in my throat, making me bow under Her feet. She is truly the ruler of the BDSM world. I wish I could become Her permanent slave. Thank you Goddess Empress Ming, I really adore you, obey your orders, and stay away from all your prohibitions to worship and praise only you Goddess Empress Ming.

Ming's Slave Dog


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