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A Different Perspective of Homewrecking Fetish

I notice a lot of you who enjoy homewrecking have imbalanced relationships.

You want to surrender, but she doesn't make any decisions or take charge, not in bed, not where to go for dinner or vacation, what you as a couple/family do next as a "team."

She's probably a pillow princess, and you're exhausted from being the "protector, and provider" archetype.

You want a Woman who takes control & ties you down in bed, tells you where your next vacation is, what you'll be getting for dinner, and a woman who makes the decisions for you, so you can rest rest in your feminine, even if just a little.

"Besides the My wife's ugly and you're so hot," stereotype, homewrecking goes so much deeper. It's that built up resentment, that an au pair or maid could probably fill her roles, and you just want balance, and now you've found Me, and you have begun to fetishize ditching your relationship.

I'm all for Female empowerment, but there's so many submissive men who need an Alpha Woman to run their lives and call the shots, and take control in bed. You just crave a different breed of Woman. You might love the one you have, but they just keep you from living your truth, and resent has built.


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