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Slave47: From One sub to another: About Being a Film Slave

Hello Mistress,

I wanted to thank you again for the great film session this past Saturday. I am looking forward to serving you again in the future. I have included my written response to a question on Max Fisch about being a film slave. Now that I am a "pro" I figured I could offer practical advice:

I had the privilege of appearing in my first video this past weekend with Empress Ming. Empress Ming is a tall, athletic and gorgeous Mistress in the Atlanta area. It was a great experience and one that I will repeat as often as I can. Empress Ming asked for potential film slaves on her twitter account for a video shoot for sometime in November. I followed her instructions to the letter and outlined my qualifications, with limits and listed a Mistress reference who she was familiar with; I also supplied a clothed photo. She accepted me and I scheduled a regular session as an "audition". For my audition, which was an actual film session, I was required to sign a waiver and supply my personal information which included a picture I.D.. This is necessary for legal purposes for sites like iWantClips & Clips4Sale. I was given a dollar to complete the contract, so I can proudly say that I am a professional film slave. If you are looking for free or cheap thrills, being a film slave is not for you. The sessions can be intense and some activities may last longer than you are used to. The Mistress has to be assured that there is enough video footage after editing to meet her requirements. I wore a hood for the session. One thing I discovered, as I have a very large head, I will be better off in the future purchasing my own hood. Empress Ming was happy with my "performance". I was not stoic and reacted naturally and vocally to the torturous stimuli. I am a submissive and I loved the feeling of giving up all power to fulfill the needs and requirements of my Mistress. This may include some activities that might not be your favorites but are willing to accept. So, my advice is to go for it. But, if you have no references or experience it is probably a good idea to schedule a regular and realistic session as an audition. No Mistress wants to waste time with a wannabe who may tap out early and you don't want to be in a position where you feel compelled to endure beyond your capabilities or comfort level. Remember this is not a normal session where an experienced Mistress builds to a climax. You are there to be used as needed. By the way, my video should start to appear within a few weeks.


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