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1. Can I be your personal slave?

You might as well just tell her that you’re cheap, broke, looking for a freebie, or all of the above, because this question will get you the same response.

While some professional Dominas do make use of personal slaves, as a rule, they are extremely selective about who they choose for this privilege.

In general, a personal slave is someone she has known for a long time through a personal or professional context, and who has earned her trust with deeds, not words. 

Seriously! How the FUCK would I know if I have NEVER met you, if I would want to keep you around all of the time...simping after Me and doing My bidding,

much less wanting to play with you on a frequent and FREE lifestyle basis. I DO love being a ProDomme.

I AM a lifestyle and ProDomme, however, since I do make My living off of this, think about better find a way to make yourself stand out to Me,

or you better be really special if you think you qualify for such a position. Remember this: Every lifestyle slave I have has started off by meeting Me for a professional session,

or several, before working their way into My favor and developing a personal relationship with Me. They all still pay. Even the ones that cook, clean, and run errands, dropping off batches of My panties in the mail. Nothing in life is free, certainly not play time. I can throw a rock in any direction and hit a slave who wants to play. My time's still money.

2. Do you have a boyfriend/husband/significant other?

Whether you ask this question of your hairstylist or a dominatrix, they both can see your sad and creepy follow-up question a mile away.

If they want you to know they’re single and/or available, they’ll make sure you have no doubts about it. Otherwise, it’s none of your business. 

I'll go ahead and answer this one now. Yes I do! and He's AWESOME. His dick is bigger than yours and NO you don't deserve EVEN My creampie!

He is perfectly fine with Me being a ProDomme, and He knows every kinky thing that goes on when I play with you.

He doesn't mind at all, because He knows you are beneath Me and nothing would make Me want to jump on your (probably tiny) dick.

3. Do you ________ ?

Save yourself the trouble and assume that she’s going to “just say no” to any sexual overtures.

You’ll be much better off entering into an encounter with a pro-domme with zero expectations in this regard.

In practice, your mileage may vary. But if she knows you’re expecting it, you’re giving her all the more reason to deny you.

Then again, maybe that’s what you actually need. Trust her to know what’s best for you.

Yes, go in with zero expectations, and trust Me to be the wonderful Dominatrix that I am.

I will take to heart your hard limits, medical concerns, and dirty fantasies. you will get more from Me if you don't ask! Think of it like this: REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY.  

If you're slobbering and begging, " OH Mistress, will you lllleet mee eatt your ass?" I am ready to throw an invisible brick at your face already, so just don't. It's not

the way to get on My good side, or My erotic side.

4. Do you offer discounts?

Very, very few professional Dominatrixes offer any type of discount or price break on their tribute. And most will be insulted if you ask.

If you don’t see it mentioned on her web site, then don’t bring it up. Otherwise, it’s a great way to get started off on the wrong foot with her. 

Yes this offends Me. If you ask Me for a price break, you don't respect Me as a business woman, get fucked, and get a piggy bank and start saving.

5. What are you going to do to me?

Asking this question is almost sure to get you tagged as a wannabe who’s only looking for wank material.

When it’s time to discuss possible activities and fetishes she’ll let you know, and more than likely,

she’ll ask you to briefly outline a few things you’d like to experience. But don’t expect her to tell you what’s going to take place during your session.

For one, this is something she’s going to figure out as the scene unfolds, and she’ll want the flexibility to be spontaneous.

But more importantly, she’ll think you’re looking for free phone sex.  This is spot on correct! Let Me know your interests, and trust Me to create a wonderful session for you with My diabolical mind and kinky talents!

I have been a ProDomme for a number of years and can almost always pinpoint a wanker from the start of the conversation.

Wankers, you aren't that clever, sorry. you all pretty much sound and talk the same, come up with the same shitty excuses on why you couldn't make it to the session, etc.  

I have heard "Mistress will you spank me?...How harddd will you spank me Mistress? i've been a naughty boy." ...literally a thousand times. I'm over it, you're dumb.  

However if you honestly have a more intelligent way of phrasing "What are you going to do to Me?" and really have an honest question about procedure, or how the dynamic of a session works,

feel free to email it to Me, its much less offensive via email, where as on the phone, I could be at the store talking to a grocery clerk or out to dinner, and don't want to explain dirty details while preoccupied throughout My day.

I hope you find this helpful and slightly amusing. ;)


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