My Birthday June 27th

The other day was My birthday. It was full of ups and downs, but It wasn't so bad thanks to some adoring submissives.

     In addition to the cake and flowers and trip to La Jolla Beach, I recieved some wonderful birthday presents. I recieved a too fast octopus purse, and some sexy matching octopus heels... coincidentally from two seperate people! (Both were on My wishlist.)  I also recieved a tens unit, a goPro camera, a cash gift, some hot panties, and have a custom built st andrews cross with black wood and purple padding (it matches My dungeon walls) on the way! I cannot wait until it arrives so that I can put it to use.

     My birthday was full of shitty mishaps. Someone side swiped My car and took off and I reserved a kayaking tour to some caves in La Jolla for Myself and friends. I left an hr and a half early on a 2 1/2 hr drive just incase of traffic. The whole drive down the San Diego Fwy had a total of 7 car wrecks. I called the tour company throughout the drive, letting them know I would be ten minutes late and inquiring if being ten minutes late would affect My ability to go on the trip, to which they said no to the entire time. Upon My arrival the manager said that the tour had left and that there were NO credit card refunds, despite what I was told on the phone.
     I cancelled My card and left to make the most of the long drive. I went for snacks and drinks at a nice beachside restaurant. I enjoyed a peach daquiri with fresh peach puree, topped with fresh whipped cream, and a plate of cheese, honeycomb, and berries with toasted french bread. A half an hour later, I went for a walk on the beach and the kayak tour had still not taken off!!! Needless to say I was really pissed so I tore the manager a new asshole and told him to get his shit together. lol.

I spent the rest of My stay sunbathing and walking along the beach in a skimpy bikini dipping My toes in the freezing water and watching the surfers until it got dark. It was pretty uneventful but still pleasant and internally calming, smelling the ocean breeze with My hair blowing in the wind, watching the beautiful sunset. Breath taking.



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