The Recollections and Musings of a Toilet slave: Part 2

You have me kneeling on a couple pads and a large piece of plastic. My arms are tied behind my back and to the humbler that is separating my balls form my body. My legs are tied to the humbler as well making it not very wise to move too much. You look like a fetish Goddess in Your black little shiny shorts and tight black leather corset with black thigh high patent leather boots. Your face a visage of transcendence and power. "Well I have decided you can taste my shit today, but not necessarily consume it, but first you will earn the

right to do that." You then turn and grab Your favorite flogger and start to warm me up and strike my buttocks and back as You quietly set about Your task. I groan as I feel the loving

touch of Your instrument and an occasional hand to admire Your handy work. You trade Your flogger for a crop and decide to ramp things up. "Now I need you to take these for me, hopefully very quietly. You stand behind me and start to rub the crop on my exposed balls and then in one motion You give a soft little pat and another and another. I squirm just a bit and very quietly moan with each pat.....then You rub a bit more and suddenly bring the crop down very hard on my pulsing balls and I let out a very loud shriek. You laugh and scoff "but you were doing so nicely....I guess you need a gag to keep you silent." You walk over to a table and grab a tray that has things on it I can't really see and bring it to the floor in front of me. I now see some thigh high stockings and pair of green panties that look a very worn, a plate, a glass and some pantyhose. "Lets see how you like this gag" You stand back up and walk over and grab a pair of latex surgical gloves and pull them onto each hand slowly to make a show of Your authority. You smile as You squat down in front of me and move the plate under You. You stand back up and slowly remove Your shorts and glide them over my face letting me smell everything I so desire. You toss them to the side

" Too bad that the next thing You smell won't be as sweet, meh you never know thou." as you delight in my disappointment. You squat over the plate and grab the glass, "now lets see what's on tap tonight and Your precious golden wine starts filling the glass with a crisp yellow colored beverage. You raise the glass to my lips and command " Open up and taste Your Mistress" and You allow a few drops to touch my lips. "Don't be greedy, we can use this later maybe" You cajole as You set the nearly full glass on the table beside us. You squat again and start to fill the plate with warm steaming fragrant bars of chocolate. Five logs in all with varying sizes and girth. When Your done, You just squat there looking into my eyes searching inside of me to see if i am up for the next phase. You bring the plate up to my face and tell me to breathe in the shitty meal You have produced. "So you believe you could actually love eating this to prove your worth? We will see, I am going to make a nice little treat for you." You stand and put plate on table and reach for the green panties, You scoop up a three bars of Your divine waste and mold them into the worn smelly panties. You set down the homemade ball and pick up one of the stockings  

and tie it twice a little past halfway. You grab the ball and drop it into the stocking making sure it goes down to the knot in it. You form the gag and tie off the stocking on the other side. "Now we will see if this can keep you quiet and maybe allow you to taste my personal product." You hold the gag in front of my mouth in your gloved hand and ask me "Do you

want to taste me, go ahead and smell" as you come closer with this and I inhale the stringent fumes into my nostrils I feel like I want to heave but calm myself. " Ok now open up" and just when You are about to insert the toxic gag into my mouth You laugh and say " Wait I almost forgot, I wanted to make it a bit easier on you" and You take the gag and pour

a third of the glass of Your golden on to it. "Now that is something you like it should be easier to take" and You laugh. You then put the gag squarely in my mouth and tie it behind my head. You step back to watch me try and taste the first drops of Your chocolate. I suckle on the gag as Your golden is as always incredible but a bittersweet taste of Your feces

starts to invade my mouth and I am truly fighting the urge to puke. I decide it might be good to try and increase the leakage of flavor in my mouth and try and suck fervently to extract more. Thinking an overload will help me deal with new experience, big mistake as the chocolate oozes out of my mouth and down my throat. I start gagging and jerking all the while pulling my balls from both directions. "So you don't like my gift, I feel insulted" I try and mumble something through the gag and You just smile." OK let me finish this up and you can stew in it for a while. " You grab the other stocking and bring it down over my head making it a little tougher to try and push the gag out. You then take the remaining pieces of divine waste and smear them all over the stocking, creating Your own little masterpiece of art. You step back to admire your handiwork. " Just a few more touches as I am smelling and tasting You as it drips down my face and throat. You then put the pair of pantyhose over my and reinforce the gag into my mouth as You tie it a couple times to ensure nothing will escape. You then smile down at me and pour the rest of You delicious honey over the hose and it seeps in forming a wet cocoon. " I will leave you for a few minutes to enjoy your predicament, then you can tell me if you really want to eat my shit."



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The Recollections and Musings of a Toilet slave: Part 2

January 18, 2014

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