The Recollections and Musings of a Toilet slave

The first scenario we are just sitting and talking, You just lounging like You do and wearing
your comfy skirt and a shirt and smoking a cigarette as You talk about Your trip to Cali etc. 
Suddenly you stub out your butt and stand and Your whole demeanor changes and You just
say "I guess I need to start your training if you are ever going to try and be my total slave, 
crawl after me Now! "You turn and head down the hallway and walk into your room and then 
your bathroom. You slowly turn and sit on the toilet with skirt still on and all. You just point to 
the ground in front of You and i crawl to the spot and lower my head. I can feel You smiling as
You tell me to lift my head and You just stare at me for a moment, as your hand squeezes my chin.
"Now we will see if you are able to please me and start on your way to being my full service toy."
You reach over and grab a red ball gag and place it in my mouth. You lift my chin and inspect
my new adornment. You get up from the toilet and just look at me as you move past me into the 
other room, You whisper "stay bitch" and i comply. I kneel there waiting for my next order or ordeal
and start to feel the anticipation as it grows as You are gone longer and longer. You finally come
back as it was only a few minutes but it felt like hours, little did i know this was only the beginning of the anticipation. You come up from behind and place a hand on my head and rub it around for a few seconds and then You slide a mask over my eyes and ensure it is fitted tightly over my eyes. 
You move by me brushing my arm and I can feel that You are now without pants and I now kinda
know why You blindfolded me. You sit back down on the toilet and start challenging me, taunting me."So you think you can eat my chocolate on Your first try, You think so huh? I have seen so many try and fail.... " I try to say something in reply and You just send a nice slap to the right side of my face and state "I am talking here so just relax and listen, You should know better. Now here is whats going to happen. You won't be able to see anything, and you can not taste anything but You can smell and 
hear all you want, and you laugh as You pull my head down to the gape of Your amazing long legs. 
"You will be able to smell my essence and dream of it melting in your mouth and the amazing taste
that you won't be able to savor" You giggle a little and state " and hear all the marvels my body can
produce as you waste all this precious food that I can produce for you as it drops into the toilet."
You push my head into the opening of the toilet and start to release Your golden wine into the toilet.
" You know how good that is can you hear it going to waste...  I am not happy with that... Oh wait, 
yes I am for this little exercise and You laugh as your first bowel movement sets loose a nice
audible echo through he bowl. "Now the fireworks begin and you can dream of the treat you want and
so desperately need to prove how much You adore me. Listen closely as it slips into the water and
out of reach of your greedy little mouth." I moan as you start dropping chocolate nuggets into the
water. The smell rises into my nostrils as You move your legs as Your body tenses to complete Your task.
The smell makes me want to gag and strain to remain composed as some of the toilet water plops up on
my face. I want to throw up and i also want to go diving into the murky water and try and eat
Your tender chocolate and not waste it but i can't through he gag. You finish and i feel You reach for 
toilet paper and when your done you wipe a bit of the homemade chocolate on my nostrils. "Now 
you can just enjoy what you can't have tonight" and You stand up and move my head into the toilet and close the lid. "you can stay and savor that for a while as I take care of somethings, Don't go
anywhere and I will come back for you." I kneel there and hug the bowl, knowing i could just get up and walk away, part of Your plan, i know but i need to do this, i have to do this, i want to do this. I breathe in your fragrance and endorphin's and know this is where i was meant to be, where i want to be. Being just a toy for my Goddess, to amuse and please. I kneel and wait to hear Your voice.....



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