Attitude Adjustments Using True Humiliation and Degradation!

One of My favorite ways to break a slave whose head has grown too big is by forcing the slave to consume My brown showers. As gross as it may sound, there really is no greater act of degradation, and it is one of the highest levels of submission. It really makes a slave whose ego has grown too large shrink back down to size so to speak. 


This week a Mistress who lives too far away from Her slave to train him asked Me to step in and assist Her in putting him back in his place. He was becoming ungrateful, bratty, and indignant, just all around forgetting his place as Her slave. She said she needed a strict Mistress to really break and humiliate him to put him back in his place and destroy his ego. He needed a humbling experience and attitude adjustment. 


This slave loved sensuality, nice clean pedicured feet, face-sitting, all of the nice fluffy aspects of a D/s relationship, and none of the serving or suffering. I could tell he was a brat the second he walked in the door, he had an air about him like a five year-old who didn’t want to stand in the corner. I wasn’t about to have it. This session was a punishment session, not a session for enjoyment. I told him to go to the bathroom, strip down and come out naked on his hands and knees. He obeyed promptly, and to My delight he was in a CB-6000 all locked up nicely, and had been for the past 3 weeks! Then I tied his hands behind his back with a device that attached to his neck, then connected his hands to his balls and I tied those balls to his toes so if he kicked around while being beaten he’d yoink them off. (I love predicament bondage.) 


I began with some hand spanking to bring all of the blood in his ass to the surface, while reminding him what a pathetic bitch he was and why he deserved to be treated like this. He yowled and squirmed like a child being spanked. He just kept trying to get away rather than accept his punishment!   Shortly after I moved on to using a crop and a leather paddle, as well as a wooden paddle and a horrid rubber flogger on his ass and balls til after about twenty minutes he could take no more. I took a few minute break and I teased him a bit, let him kiss My ass a few times, and used a wet rag on his ass as if to show him mercy after such a spanking. But it was just a sadistic bluff. :) I was only wetting his ass so that it would sting more. I continued to beat him for another 10 minutes. 


After his physical punishment was over it was time for the final blow. Physically winding down, but time for a mental coupe de grace. I know he likes feet so I made him clean them. But not for pleasure. He had to lick all of the dirt off of My PITCH BLACK disgusting dirty feet. I love turning something a slave loves into something he hates as a punishment. He did horribly and left a bit of grey on My feet though he got most of it off, so I added 20 wooden paddle strikes to his discipline. Those last twenty were the worst. Every time the wooden paddle hit his ass he fell from his hands and knees and collapsed to the ground.


To wash the dirt from his mouth I pissed down his throat. He spilled though he was not supposed to waste a drop. So I shat two turds into his mouth. I laughed and jeered him, reminding him of what a worthless loser he is, while he winced and gagged, slowly chewing My scat as the smell filled the room. It smelled horrible to Me, so I cannot imagine how his senses were over powered and filled with the scent of the shit filling his mouth. His eyes were watering. He was so sickened. To help him finish and swallow I twisted his nipples and paddled his balls til he was finished eating. I told him the torture would not stop until every last bit was gone. To say the least, it was quite effective. After he finished I let him scurry off to the bathroom to shower off and get dressed. He left quietly and ashamed. 


This session was repeated two days in a row to help condition this slaves behavior to the way his Mistress wants him to be. I received wonderful feedback from her after she saw him this weekend. She said she loved the way he was behaving so nicely, and the humbled look in his eyes. :) He will now be suffering for My pleasure 2x a week as a regiment to his daily life to enforce good behavior and humble mindset. 



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