Breaking down a slave made easy: There's not enough blood for two heads

I immensely enjoy beginning nearly every session with some ass worship.I like to command My slave to strip down in another room, then have him crawl out to Me on his hands and knees, then explicitly instruct him to worship My ass, example: “you had better worship My ass as if you’re going to be incarcerated tomorrow and won’t see another female ass for years! Make it sexy…put Me in the mood to play…make Me want to ravage you!”This of course arouses My slave beyond all belief and causes him to put as much effort forward as possible into pleasing Me. When a slave is hard and intoxicated with the scent of My ass in his face, his carnal instincts take over and he stops thinking clearly. It must be because there’s not enough blood for two heads!

This doesn’t last for long, just a few minutes. I only let My slave worship Me just until he’s hard. Then I take the privelage away just as fast as it was given. My only motive is really to see if he’s any good with his mouth and to give him the desire for more. My next question to My slave is, “Would you like Me to sit on your face so all that you can smell is My ass and pussy?” Haha…of course the answer is yes! …”Then you’ll have to earn it by suffering for Me!”


I then take My dirty panties and put them over his nose like a mask so that he can fantasize about the reward he is suffering for if he is a good slave, and then My devious mind goes to town with calculated precision and I begin working him over with a bittersweet mix of pain and pleasure.


Empress Ming



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