Here are just a few of the Countless reviews that have been written about Me.


I wanted to thank you for an amazing session last Saturday. I was very nervous in the beginning but lost all track of thought a few minutes after we started. Being able to worship you was an honor in itself and enjoyed taking your instruction on how to properly worship your feet. While I was accepting to engage in several of my fetishes I was still in shock (literally) when you incorporated electric play with the hitachi and being bound to the stretching table. Even after the session I still felt phantom shocks for the rest of the afternoon. I also have to say my nipples are still bruised from how much you tortured them but loved all of it. Being able to serve you at Atlanta Dungeon was an experience I wont soon forget, you truly are an expert at your craft. 


On a side note I noticed on your travel dates you are going to be NYC later in May. If I do fly north I would love try to have another session. Thank you again Mistress, my mind is still swimming with the experiences I had



Review #1 2019

Review #2 2019

Empress Ming is so much more than a beautiful and highly capable woman.  My session with her was magical, marking my mind in ways that I still cannot shake.  I have been to over twenty-five professional Mistresses in the US and Europe including some extremely gifted women with world-wide reputations.  I therefore speak with authority on the subject when I say that she is amongst the greatest in her profession.

She is physically stunning.  Her body is perfect, with graceful, feminine lines and athletic tone.  When she opened the door, she struck me as the strong, conquering warrior... calm and awe-inspiring.  She could have intimated any man, and that she chose to calm me with a gracious greeting is a tribute to her character and her emotional intelligence.  Our introduction was marked by kindness, but also an unmistakable shared understanding of her authority over me.  This was perfect.

She guided me to very special places for her.  When any man is naked, his ankles extended whorishly wide, tightly bound and vulnerable, he takes a deep breath and considers the nature of the woman poised to take him.  Looking upon Empress Ming as she leans forward to emasculate him, he knows he is where he belongs.  I now know that spiritual joy of being conquered.  Her breath is warm, her stare is penetrating, and her rhythm the same as my heartbeat.

She knows the power of her chemistry, and she uses it to untangle the threads of our complex minds.  The scent of a woman always stokes the fires of our lust, but the musk of the Empress is something else entirely.  My every inhale was opium-laced, addictive and sweet. Her potion the same, warm from her divine chalice; it became my communion and symbolized my commitment to her.

Every dream is now of her or for her.  She is perfect. Before our session was over, I would become afraid in her presence, but oddly not so much of the physical pain she was capable of inflicting as of the unending devotion and uninhibited obedience that she inspired in me.  Even now I want to please her so intensely.  I want to be a spark of relevance in her bright light.  This is new to me, and I am genuinely afraid of where it might lead.

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